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Hi, welcome to the Sincey: Since Last Tracker testing family

Sincey is an app that helps you record any activity, item or event and track when is the last time it occurs. With your record list, it can be used as a reference to motivate and observe either for self-enhancement or avoiding bad habit. Sincey track the last time since you did or experience something such as: • Months since your last accident • Days since your last smoke • Hours since your last exercise • Minutes since your last medication Sincey Features: • Tracking your recorded activities from seconds, minute, hour, days, month to years • Easy to view record • Easy search for activity • Swipe to reset or delete activity What people say: “My wife installed this app on her phone... now I'm screwed” “Seems like you are missing something in your life if you didn’t log it.. you will know when is the last time you had it” "It helps me to monitor my smoking habit"

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